Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack: Helping Achieve Flexibility and Economy

Motivated by a range of competitive, business and technical reasons, a growing number of organizations are adopting OpenStack. Often cited reasons include agility, flexibility, operational efficiency and avoiding vendor lock-in.  According to the last OpenStack User Survey, “save money over alternative infrastructure choices” was the number 1 priority driver for the most respondents (66%, more than 3 times the next one “increase operational efficiency” at 21%). Blog5PicCost.jpg

Not only can Veritas HyperScale for OpenStack address performance, resiliency and operational efficiency but when it comes to cost-effectiveness it can certainly help there too.    The solution leverages white box, DAS storage; allows matching of storage to workloads; allows independent scaling of compute and data plane nodes and employs an efficient approach to redundancy.  Here is a brief video for you.