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Veritas Storage Services for Containers: Pull & Run

NOTE: This is a tecnology preview demo

In this demo I am going to show you how simple is to provide persistent storage for containers using Veritas Storage Services. This simplicity needs to be aligned to the agility provided by Docker to deploy new applications in seconds. Storage management cannot prevent that agility, and that needs to start with the deployment and configuration itself.

With Veritas Storage Services for Containers, all the storage management enterprise capabilities are provided within a container format. This is what we call pull & run. Customers only need to pull the image from the repository and run it on their servers. This is just a two-step process, where the image, once it is run, will create a storage cluster with other images in order to provide resiliency and visibility of the data. When running Docker Swarm to start services, data locality is no longer an issue as Veritas Storage Services will automatically provide the access to the persistent data from any node.

You can directly interact yourself with this new technical preview during our VISION 2016 Conference at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas by attending the Hands-on Lab Datacenters in a box via containerized applications, and learn not only how to provide persistent storage but how to create a Docker Swarm, how drain containers from nodes with independence of storage location and how to create resiliency configurations that survive node failures.

Also attend the session where Chad Tibodeau and I will be talking about Veritas vision to confidently transition to containers and stop by the pod to see more demos and interact with new features.

Hope to see you in Vegas. Safe travels!

Watch de Demo

Carlos & Chad.