Accessing a STAC compressed drive via WIN32, XP and/or Vista

I have a client who has data on STAC disks, and work like to archive them to DVD.  I could construct a DOS/DrDos machine to do this, but I was wondering if there was a WIN32 File System Driver available, like the tools to read ISO images directly.  Thanks., -c
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I'm assuming this is the old

I'm assuming this is the old stacker compression? (version 4.1 or older?)

I do not know of such utility or method that comes with SFW (or have separately myself)  that will do that for you.
Only KB article I found was http://support.microsoft.com/kb/71787 but this is really old as you may already found out.

Maybe you can try VMware or VirtualBox etc to create a virtualised DOS machine within Windows...
(Hmm. But even this is not very handy considering the file transfer between guest and host won't be easy)