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Enable or disable a path in Storage Foundation for Windows 5.1

Hi all,

I have installed Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows 5.1 trial version on a Windows 2003 server Operating System.

I  Would like to know how the paths are enabled/disabled using Command Line Interface.

I Have searched for many commands, But I could find any.

Could anyone please answer my question.

Thanks in advance,
RaghuDeep Amilineni
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There is no option to disable path in DMP DSM with Storage Foundation for Windows 5.1.

DMP DSM (Device Specific module) is a PNP (Plug&Play) component in MPIO (Multipath I/O) framework, if the path is disabled and then removed from DSM, all the LUNs belong to the path will be removed from the system.   DMP DSM wouldn’t be able to keep track in memory of LUNs belonging to  a disabled path.     
You can however, disable the controller Fiber Channel card in device manager or disable the ports on that card from the SAN. This will disable the additional path’s to storage.

For DMP ASL (Array Specific module) available with previous versions of SFW you can use the vxdmpadm cmd to disable a path because ASL is not PnP complaint.. ASL is an older technology and no longer used with newer versions of SFW.

I hope that helps Smiley Happy



Hi IReyes ,

Thank you very much for the valuable information you have provided.

RaghuDeep Amilineni