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File Server Resource Manager+Storage Foundation for Windows


we have installed Symantec Storage Foundation on the cluster fileserver. and the cluster resource is not a normal Physical Disk, but a logical "Volume Manager Disk Group" and on top of that a cluster "File Share" resource was created.
Is there any documented / known compatibility issue between FSRM and Symantec Storage Foundation?

Please find attached figure while generating reports using Windows 2008 built-in tool File Server Resource Manager. Please note that this machine has VSF and VVR Installed.


Saqib Alam
|Senior Sysmtes Engineer| Symantec Technical Specialist|

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Please tell us more about

Please tell us more about your SF disk group and volume configuration - Are volumes in same or different disk groups? Do you have one or more disk groups in the Cluster Resource Group?

I see the following in the error:

"On clustered deployments, all report scope paths should be set on volumes that belong to the same cluster resource group".

Is 'T:\SBP Dynamic Data'  in a disk group that is defined in the cluster resource group?