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IOs go thru only one path in SF for Windows 5.0

Level 3
We have deployed Storage Foundation 5.0 for Windows and Veritas Cluster Server (VCS). We have a filesystem configured and residing on a Clariion Storage box. When we run our application we see that IO flows thru only one path even though we have two paths (both are active).

Does VxDMP impose any path reservation and then direct IO only thru that path? When I disable the path through which IO is flowing it takes a few seconds before which IOs start from the other path.

Can anyone help me understand this behaviour?

Thanks a lot in Advance!!


Level 4
Hi Magesh,
     Have you verified you have configured your array in VEA for active/active?

If you Open VEA, browse to the following location in the left pane view:

1. Expand the Host_Name > Storage Agent > DMP DSMs > VEMCCLAR > Array_Name
2. Right-click Array_Name and choose 'Array Settings'
3. Run through Wizard and verify it is configured for Active/Active

I hope this helps.

- Robert