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Installation of Storage Foundation on Win 2003 Ent. R2


We have two servers with two non-standerd application running.

The Operating System - Windows 2003 Ent. R2

FC based storage connected with both the servers.

Now we wants a DR site with host to host replication ...

Will this solution work ..........any caution need to take care...

I came accross some docs..that the C drive need to be in adifferent arry... IS IT..

Is there any thing else need to take care...


Can we also do through Backup Exec to take a backup and create a DR site ...or something..

Please, help.. :)




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Hi, Waiting for some to help


Waiting for some to help me..



Hi Mrinal, Our current

Hi Mrinal,

Our current products for SFW/SFW-HA/VCS no longer support Windows 2003 server.  Our older products that support windows 2003 server are no longer available for purchase.

You will need to use Windows 2008 at a minimum for any new installation of SFW/SFW-HA/VCS for Windows.



Please also note that

Please also note that Microsoft support for W2003 will end shortly. Get your Sysadmins to upgrade to supported OS, discuss RTO and RPO requirements with Application owners, then reach out to a local Symantec/Veritas reseller with Storage and Cluster skills as well as Backup and Recovery. They will be able to advise you on DR options.