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Installing Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 (with VVR and GCO) and Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager in the same server

Hi Everybody!

I have 2 clusters A & B with a single node at each one ( I am using the components of VVR and GCO). So I am wonder about the the possibility of installing VCS 6.0 and SEPM 11 (single server member of the cluster A), and install VCS 6.0 and SEP client mode 11 in the other server (this server is member of cluster B). if so, what I should take care to avoid interference of each other?

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Hello,   Not knowing much



Not knowing much about the different roles / components of SEPM, I'm wondering why you're asking if they would intefere would each other. Is there something else being clustered by VCS, and you want to use the 2 nodes to install the respective function/components of SEPM on them as well?


Symantec Endpoint Protection is listed on the SFWHA 6.1 SCL so there should be no issue in terms of compat.

Hi Riaan, with the term

Hi Riaan,

with the term interference I mean that maybe it could be some ports beign blocked by the SEPM or even more it can use some ports to comnunicate with the clients that could be used by the VCS. basically what I want to do is install the SEPM (manager mode) in one server and in the other server only the SEP in client mode. I hope I could have been more clear!

Thanks a lot!


Ok, but what is VCS doing in

Ok, but what is VCS doing in this solution?