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MSSQL virtual instance connection problem


I have a problem with Storage Foundation HA for Windows (5.0) with virtual instance of mssql 2000 server. I have two nodes (node A, node B for exmp). When node A is Up (MSSQL running on this node) the sql sever service manager cannot monitor virtual instance of mssql server (when i select virtual host\instance he shows me "Access denied"), but from node B there is no problems to do this. When i switch SQL service group from node A to node B, situation is reversing. From node B sql server service manager cannot conect to virtual instance, but from node A connecting without any problems. Its strenge, because from SQL Enterprise Manager, and application from third machine i can connect to virtual host\instance without any warnnings or problems. Cluster service, sql service and replication service between two clusters works fine. Node A and Node B are DNS servers and Domain Controllers for domain, i use Administrator account to do this operations.

Connection to virtual host\instance is needed to backup databases and files by Netbackup Exec 6.5.3.

Is someone have tha same problem ?

Regards Zbigniew Wasilewski
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Did you run through the

Did you run through the sp_dropserver / sp_addserver procedure to change the database to the virtual name?


I really hope that Zbigniew

I really hope that Zbigniew managed to find an answer by now! I see that he had this problem about 18 months ago!


Maybe he should upgrade to

Maybe he should upgrade to 5.1 SP2 Smiley Happy