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MountV ressource cannot offline


I'm using VSF 5.1 to host 2 nodes running windows 2008. We have a servicegroup for our exchange 2007 in which we have 4 MountV ressources.

All these 4 ressources can temporarily have problems offlining, sometimes I'm able to offline them and sometimes I don't - arggh.

The MountV logfile comes with these errors:

2009/03/11 21:18:02 VCS WARNING V-16-10051-9023 MountV:EXCH-MB-01-MountV-DB-01:offline:Failed to lock volume [2:5]
2009/03/11 21:18:02 VCS WARNING V-16-10051-9023 MountV:EXCH-MB-01-MountV-Log-01:offline:Failed to lock volume [2:5]
2009/03/11 21:18:02 VCS WARNING V-16-10051-9023 MountV:EXCH-MB-01-MountV-Log-02:offline:Failed to lock volume [2:5]
2009/03/11 21:18:04 VCS WARNING V-16-10051-9023 MountV:EXCH-MB-01-MountV-VCS-Rep:offline:Failed to lock volume [2:5]

When it happens my only workaround at the moment seems to be a reboot of the server !

I've checked that the only process with active handles to the volume is these:

System process to V:\$Extend\$RmMetadata\$TxfLog\$TxfLog.blf



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MountV ressource cannot offline

HI Poul,
   I hope this information is helpful to you: In summary, this issue is occurring because there is an application accessing a file and the SFW-HA software is unable to gain an exclusive lock on the volume which is required to dismount it. This ensures that no writes are occurring to the volume when it is unmounted which could potentially lead to corruption.

In your case, this is failing because there is a lock on a volume. Looking at the file, it appears this belongs to WSE 3.0 (Web Services Enhancement for .NET) and specifically the WS-ReliableMessaging. You will need to either disable this process/service, or determine a way to move its contents to a local drive (if that’s a viable option). I tried searching Microsoft's site for further information, but there didn't appear to be anything specific to this issue.

Another option is to set the ‘ForceUnmount’ attribute to ‘READ_ONLY’ for your MountV resource and see if it is only a read-only lock. This is safe to use and could potentially resolve your issue as well.

If that doesn’t work, ‘ForceUnmount’ can be set to “ALL”, but this could cause File System corruption if a write doesn’t complete while the volume is being taken offline forcefully. Unless there were no concerns of corruption on this volume, this would not be your best solution.