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One Volume in a VMDg shows "Write Protected"

Level 4

Hello Vox Members,

Working in a SFWHA 6.1 environment which has EV 11.0.1 on top. The version of the Operating System is Windows Server 2012 Standard.

The environment is Virtual with vmware with RDMs provided to the virtual machines to host the Index Locations, Storage Queue, the MSMQ and the RegRep. It is a 10 Service Group Cluster with 13 Nodes.

We are in the middle of an upgrade and we are using the Server Settings Migration to migrate from the current VM Setup to another VM Setup.

In the process of the Server Settings Migration, we have encountered a situation where because of the absence of MS .Net Framework 4.5.2 on the node, it was rebooted causing the MSMQ volume to go in to a Read Only state. In the Event Viewer, we have events suggesting that the Media is Write Protected.

Although we have logged a Support Case, any help from the fraternity will go a long way. 




Level 4


Bit late I suppose but did you resolve the issue? Are you using VVR?