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Resync Paused - why and how to remove

Level 3

Windows 2003 SP2, VVR 4.3 MP2

Syncronisation between a primary and its secondary is stuck in Activating and DCM logging.

When running a vxpring -VPl from the primary,

RVG shows flags of:

flags      : primary enabled attached read write autosync resync_paused

Rlink shows flags of:

flags      : write attached consistent disconnected autosync resync_paused

Looking at the VVR manuals the only help it could offer was the resync_paused meant there was an issue with replication but offered no further advice. 

The primary and secondary have been rebooted but that has made no difference.

Network connectivity between the primary and secondary work fine.

Pausing / resuming / stopping and starting replication make no difference

Deleting and recreating the RDS makes no difference - it's as if that flag is stuck somewhere and it remembers.

Any advice as to why the flag resync_paused is set and how I can either find out why it is set or how I can remove that flag?