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SFW 5.1 on Windows 2008 - Migration a Dynamic Volume belonging to a Microsoft Disk Management, Disk Group


I would like to change / migrate / encapsulate a Volume belonging to Microsoft Disk Management, Disk Group with data on it, to a SFW Volume.

Windows 2008 was first installed and now we should migrate the storage and it isn't possible to make a mirror with the microsoft solution. So we installed SFW 5.1 to have more possibilities. Unfortunately after the installation of SFW 5.1 I can't do anyting more with this Volume.

Can I change the Volume belonling to a Microsoft Disk Management, Disk Group to a SFW Disk Group?


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I wish I could tell you an

I wish I could tell you an easy way of doing that but I'm pretty sure that what you are wanting to do is not possible currently.

Unfortunately, there really isn't much that SFW can do to a Windows 2008 disk management diskgroup although we can see its contents in VEA.
That means we cannot perform any advanced operations such splitting that diskgroup nor 'convert' such disks/volumes into our SFW diskgroup.
So at the moment, the best way is to just create a new SFW diskgroup/volume and either copy the files across manually or restore from a backup.