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SFW striped volume comes up as healthy,RAW all of a sudden

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Hi all,


Having a problem with a volume consisting of 5 x 8.1TB disks in a RAID0 stripe constellation, where SFW all of a sudden changed it from healthy, NTFS to healthy, RAW. We suspect the server lost one of its links to the SAN for a short duration.

Obviously, as long as the FS type is set to RAW, we cannot access the data (diskpart list volume) confirms status in VEA.

When running CHKDSK F: /F it all comes out in perfect state, no errors or warnings what so ever.

We have tried to set the volume type back to NTFS using Acronis Disk Director, but we have some issues on the server, where this tool cannot communicate with disk management. Perhaps it is not compatible with SFW. We also tried EaseUS Partition Manager, but it reports the disks as "Bad disk", so probably not compatible with SFW.

We did apply the CP16 patches to the SFW51.SP2 setup, but that did not change anything.

So what options does that leave us with? Any ideas?

My thoughts;

1) We can certainly re-format the volume, and accept the data loss of backups (used as disk staging in NetBackup) not yet duplicated to tape.

2) Find a tool that can change the RAW reference on SFW managed disks.

3) Support? Nope, SFW Basic, no agreement