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SFW with DMP and NetApp FAS

Hi, We're using SFW on systems with FC attachment (SAN) to EMC and NetApp storages, in the initial testing phase we had both storages appear with Active/Active balancing policies but after upgrade to 5.1(from 5.0) all NetApp's devices shows up with FailOverOnly now and I can't change it since the rest of the available in DMP options are all greyed out. Anyone knows how to get SFW (DMP) to let me change load balancing policies?

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There is a few things to

There is a few things to check to ensure VxDMP is installed/setup properly for the storage that's presented.

1. Here is our HCL document for SFW 5.1:
If you need help in reading this document:

2. You may try updating the DSM package to the latest as we regularly update the DDI DSM package with new array support / fixes:

3. As multipathing setup can be quite picky with drivers, firmware of your SAN equipment, it's good to check for any newer updates also.

Any change made on the NetApp array?

Is there any change made to the NetApp array?  If the array is configured in CFO mode, then it will be detected as an A/PC array type and the only supported load balancing mode is FailOverOnly.