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SFWHA Gco DR fail over dril

how to do dr dril for vvr with gco.

we have vcs with 2node on primary and one node at DR.

want to know the steps for DR dril.



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  Refer to product


Refer to product guides

VCS Administrator guide

Page 166 onwards talks about running FireDrill using Java console

Page 467 talks about setting up DR firedrill



Note Page 166 references

Note Page 166 references a Virtual firedrill (sometimes called HA firedrill) - this performs checks on the non-live nodes in a cluster to check they are capable of running the service group - see "About infrastructure checks and fixes for supported agents" on page 319.  This works if you have VVR in an RDC, but I am not sure if this actually works with GCO.

A DR firedrill on Page 467 is completely different - this actually onlines the service group at the DR site on a snapshot of the data.