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Storage Foundation 7 from Windows Update


I have Storage Foundation 6 Basic running on windows 1008 R2 which has been working flawlessly for years. I received Storage Foundation 7 through windows update (it was 1 MB so I guess its only the driver). I made the mistake of installing it and now it no longer works.

I can see the following error messages in the windows system event log

The following service is taking more than 16 minutes to start and may have stopped responding: Veritas Enterprise Administrator Service

and this one too:

vxboot: cannot set vxconfigd's pid: VxBoot.sys error: 3221225485

For more information, click the following link:

So what it the best thing to do, try and get version 7 working or just uninstall veritas and reinstall version 6 and hope that it will see my volumes?


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Hi Roger, There is no version

Hi Roger,

There is no version 7 of the Storage Foundation for Windows.product at this time.  If you are seeing a version 7 for Storage Foundation for Windows in Programs and Features of Windows 2008, then I would recommend that you open a case with Symantec Technical Support to have us help you remove whatever this is and get Storage Foundation 6.x reinstalled.

Thank you,

Wally Heim

The latest SF Basic version

The latest SF Basic version is 6.2.1 - release date: 2015-04-24.

I have never heard of any Symantec or Veritas products updated through Windows Updates...

Hi Roger and Marianne, I'm

Hi Roger and Marianne,

I'm still working on tracking this down.  It appears that the next release of software (due out later this summer) recently had the vxio.sys driver certified by Microsoft.  I'm not sure what happened, but it looks like Microsoft is listing that new version of the vxio.sys driver as an optional third party driver patch in Windows Update.

So, far in my testing, I'm only able to see this new driver as an optional Windows update on Windows 2012.  However, I'm in the middle of patching my Windows 2008 R2 test servers and I'm thinking that the SFW optional driver will be available after I get more up-to-date on my Windows patch level.

At this time the best that workaround that I have is to uninstall and reinstall SFW without reinstalling the optional SFW 7.0 patch from Microsoft.  We are still working on this issue and hope to have more soon.

Thank you,

Wally Heim


Hi Yes it appeared as an


Yes it appeared as an optional update on windows 2008 R2. I have managed to fix it now. It's quite messy, but the enterprise adminstrator service hangs on startup and can not be stopped (therefore the unistall fails). It's not possible to setup it to 'manual' startup in services as that hangs too. In the end I set it to manual startup in the registry. Rebooted and then installed 6.1 over the existing installation, set the service back to automatic and rebooted. The volumes are appearing again. I do get the report of a missing DLL but it could be a DLL to do with the tools, I'm sure I can fix it but for now everything is back to normal


Actually I am now suffering

Actually I am now suffering from this

Can you tell me where I can get a copy of this missing dll?

Hello Roger, As you are able

Hello Roger,

As you are able to identify that there some missing files or curupted dll - why dont you ty to repair the SFW - that might help 


Joy Banerjee