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Storage Foundation HA for Windows - Mixed SQL 2000/2005/2008 cluster

We have a 2 node SQL 2000 cluster on SF HA for Windows 5.1 sp1.  There are 10 instances on this active/active cluster.   We are looking to upgrade 1 instance at a time from SQL 2000 to either SQL 2005 or 2008.  The Symantec doco says that it supports SQL 2000/2005 on the same nodes, but I can not find any doco on the procedure for the upgrade.  All the doco regarding a SQL upgrade assume that you are doing the entire node, not just 1 instance.  I opened a support request with Symantec.  They also confirmed they would support it, but have no doco showing how to do it, except to loosely follow the upgrade procedure documented in the "Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions Installation and Upgrade Guide" on page 168.  

Has anyone on these forums done a similar SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 upgrade to just one instance in a cluster?

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I would personally ask

I would personally ask Microsoft how to upgrade one instance at a time.
The installation process for each SQL instance requires separate install files under program files, it has its own registry keys and data files. Therefore 10 SQL instances required 10 separate installations of SQL on each node (20 installations in total).  Patch installation for each Instance is the same.
IMHO, an upgrade of each instance should be no different.
Symantec has a publication called "Applying service packs, patches, and hotfixes to SQL Server 2005" :

See if this "SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Handbook" helps to answer your questions.