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Sync global clusterSync global cluster

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We have a global cluster.

How do we sync the services/service groups between the local clusters to the remote cluster?

 basically sync changes on the local node to the remote node


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What exactly are you looking to sync? or ...? In VCS it is not required to have all resources to be the same between clusters in a GCO configuration, the only parameter that has to be the same is the global group name. Logically speaking, you might have a different set of software and hardware at DR (for example, Oracle RAC in Production and single instance Oracle in DR) therefore you will have a different set of resources that comprise the global group

Thanks for the feedback

Let me explain better

I have setup a global cluster

On the local cluster I created service group called FS_SG

Under FS_SG I created 30 file share resources.

Do I have to manually create the file share resources on the remote cluster?

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Yes, because despite the same global group name you may have a different set of resources in your DR cluster. In VCS, global clusters are loosely coupled and are not neccesarily share resource configuration among clusters. In other words, in GCO all clusters have their own independent configuration

Found the answer

You can copy the resources via the java console

Or using the Volume Replicator agent config