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Unable to create single RDS


Time ago, my replication was running, Then for some reasons I have dleeted the RDS form GUI now trying to recreate it.

Problem is when I tried to create RDS while adding the secondary it giives error that "Either no disk is avalable on your dynamic disk or the configuration is not valid to complete this operation" When you clicked ok it gives you another message box that your secondary server have no disk avalable for DCM logs.

If you click ok on it you can see 2 diffrent RDS with same name one is having primary server and the other one is having secondary one only. and replication seems that it is running.

I tried format drives, delete drives, create RDS with diffrent names, but still having the same issue
Error snap is attached.

R. H.
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Try deleting the disk group

Try deleting the disk group on the DR site (Note: This will wipe-out all of the data on the DR site). Then run the add-secondary wizard from the primary. It should automatically be able to select disks and create the volumes to match the primary site.

I would try and delete just the volumes on secondary

The result is the same as the previous suggestion. The wizard will recreate the volumes when you add the secondary. If its having issue with the volume space on secondary just deleting the volumes should resolve. It will destroy the data at secondary site.

make sure secondary does have disk space

Don't forget the size of the DCM when calculating the size of the disks required on the secondary.  The following link might help:
Disk space requirements for adding a data change map to a volume

The VVR admin guide states in reference to the size of the DCM:
By default, VVR calculates the DCM size based on the size of the volume. The default size of the DCM ranges from 1KB to 256KB depending on the size of the volume.

Though only small, if you make the secondary disk size just big enough for the data volume it won't fit a DCM (such as when using Max Size when creating a volume)


More on to this ,Its 2 Node

More on to this ,

Its 2 Node on windows 2003, with Asyncronous Mode & Auto DCM log setting.

Dynamic Disk Group:
Disk 1; for database e: 500 GB
Disk 2; for replication logs, 100 GB with no drive letter

During creation of RDS, I slect disk 1 to replication volume and Disk 2 as for logs.

As far as I know, VVR used replicator log which is 100GB of volume but if its overflow then it will take DCM logs. But for DCM log how much space it will take from data volume? if I have 500GB of volume of data.

I found one url for this but I dont know how to do this as VVR automatically creates DCM volume during RDS creation.

Hi,Thanks for the reply,As


Thanks for the reply,

As I said in my earlier post that dleteing te volume didn't help me in this regard, Problem is VVR unable to add DCM log in data volumes.

Hi Ryan, If you are still

Hi Ryan,

If you are still having this issue...

Make sure the LUNs (disks) on the Secondary side are large enough to support the Secondary RVG volume + the DCM logs total size.