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Upgrade Veritas storage foundation

Level 1


Need help.

Can we upgrade Veritas storage foundation from 3.3 to 6.1 version? I am trying to do it on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise. Is there any prerequisite for this upgrade, that we have to follow?. 

Thanks in Advance.


Level 4

Is there a version 3.3?

Level 6

sure you can, technically.

please to go

and click on "Installation and Upgrade Checklist"  for upgrad related info.

If you are on a 3.x version, you would nopt be able to upgrade to 6.1 directly by running installer.

However, you can always to a package remove then to a "fresh install".  Remember do not in anyway change the data on the external storage (dgs/vols with end user/app data).

If you are really on a 3.x version which is very very old, the OS that the 3.x is running on is most likely no longer a supported version, not only by Veritas, also by Microsoft.  So an OS upgrade is also required.


Any question?  Please do not hesitate to ask.