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VEA Storage issue

I have scenario of windows box SFW 5.0 is installed and configured. Now we generally get a request to expand volumes. Storage team masks some luns for expansion, after the do that we run command syminq/ inq to get the lun information from the OS end.
\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1 GK 000190103338 5773 3800042000 2880
\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE2 000190103338 5773 38000C3000 17677440
\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE3 000190103338 5773 38000C4000 17677440
\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE4 000190103338 5773 38000C5000 17677440
\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE5 000190103338 5773 38000C6000 17677440
Now if I rescan it from VEA it will detect new disks in the console but here I want the way to find out that PHYSICALDISKDRIVE2 = Harddisk2 in VEA.
I found in past that VEA harddisk no differs from Syminq listed luns…
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There is an easy way to find

There is an easy way to find the LUN number at least to match it up to what your SAN provided.
From the command line, just type: vxdisk list
This command should list all the harddisks and the PCTL information. (Port / Channel / Target / LUN)

Or you can simply go to VEA and click on "Disks" on the left tree pane and then scroll to the right on the right side to see the PCTL information.