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Why does a Mirror take 10 times longer then a SnapPrepare?

Level 5

I added a new volume to my disk group and added a mirror to my main drive. So far it has been 10 hours and is only at 38%, but a Snap Prepare has never taken longer then 3 hours. Everything is running fine and the system is not slow, is there somthing wrong that I am not seeing?


Server 2008r2, SFWHA 5.1 SP2, VEA and VCS, Volume 600GB with less then 100GB of data and about 150GB block size.


Level 6
Partner Accredited

It COULD be that snap prepare is using SmartMove and mirror is not, although you would think that either both use SmartMove or both do not use SmartMove.

Is SmartMove enabled (SFW Control panel - System Settings - SmartMove tab)