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Windows 2012 R2 Failover cluster and SF Volume Manager Disk Group


I just found this article and its quite the problem I'm facing right now:

I created a new Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster with several mirrored Disks in DynamicDiskGroups in StorageFoundation.
As a next step, I wanted to add the Diskgroups from SF as a Ressource to my Failover Roles.

Actual scenario:
Cluster Role Name: C0002Z
DiskGroupName in SF: DG_C0002Z_1

Then I added a Ressource to the Cluster Role via Add Resource -> More Resources -> Volume Manager Disk Group

I changed the Name of the VMDG in "General" to "DG_C0002Z_1", apply, ok.
Then I wanted to add the Name of the DiskGroup in Properties -> Properties -> DiskGroupName of the VMDG to "DG_C0002Z_1".

And thats where I dont get any further.

It doesn't matter which Name I want to enter into DiskGroupName, theres always this Error:

There was an error saving properties for 'DG_C0002Z_1'.
Failed to execute control code '20971654'.

Error Code: 0x800700a0
One or more arguments are not correct


I also tried to enter Names without special characters but that doesnt help eather.

Do you have any Idea how to fix or bypass this issue?



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Issue already resolved! The

Issue already resolved!

The Problem was that my DynamicDiskGroups in SF were configured as "dynamic secondary disk group".
They need to be configured as "dynamic cluster disk group".

Now I can go further with my cluster :)