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Windows 2012 R2 Failover cluster and SF Volume Manager Disk Group

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I just found this article and its quite the problem I'm facing right now:

I created a new Windows Server 2012 R2 Failover Cluster with several mirrored Disks in DynamicDiskGroups in StorageFoundation.
As a next step, I wanted to add the Diskgroups from SF as a Ressource to my Failover Roles.

Actual scenario:
Cluster Role Name: C0002Z
DiskGroupName in SF: DG_C0002Z_1

Then I added a Ressource to the Cluster Role via Add Resource -> More Resources -> Volume Manager Disk Group

I changed the Name of the VMDG in "General" to "DG_C0002Z_1", apply, ok.
Then I wanted to add the Name of the DiskGroup in Properties -> Properties -> DiskGroupName of the VMDG to "DG_C0002Z_1".

And thats where I dont get any further.

It doesn't matter which Name I want to enter into DiskGroupName, theres always this Error:

There was an error saving properties for 'DG_C0002Z_1'.
Failed to execute control code '20971654'.

Error Code: 0x800700a0
One or more arguments are not correct


I also tried to enter Names without special characters but that doesnt help eather.

Do you have any Idea how to fix or bypass this issue?




Level 2

Issue already resolved!

The Problem was that my DynamicDiskGroups in SF were configured as "dynamic secondary disk group".
They need to be configured as "dynamic cluster disk group".

Now I can go further with my cluster :)