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Windows File System mount issue


I have configured the FS in Windows Server, all the sudden it is not mounting.  I can imprt the VG, but volume is not getting mounted.

What is the correct to log file to check the issue?

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MountV log

MountV log

Hi Mokkan, Riaan is correct

Hi Mokkan,

Riaan is correct in that you should check the MountV_A.txt log that is located in %vcs_home%\log folder.

If you need asisstance with this process, please open a case with Symantec Technical Support.  We are available 24x7x365 to assist with this type of issue.

Thank you,


There is nothing in your

There is nothing in your opening post that says this FS is a cluster resource?

If this is a cluster resource, please post the Service Group config in as well as engine_A and MountV_A logs.

If this is not a cluster resource, tell us more about config.... 
Can you verify that disk/lun is present at OS level at boot time?
Anything in Event Viewer and/or Application logs?

Sometimes I don't pay

Sometimes I don't pay attention to the forum I'm looking at :p

Thank you guys. We did the

Thank you guys. We did the FC(flash copy) hardware copy using IBM storage and some how it was holding the old info. After rebooted the server I was about to mount the FS.

Thank you for all the helps guys.