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Windows generic service faults on its own


Ia have a two node failover cluster SFHA 6.1 running over Windows 2012R2.

I want to monitorize a generic windows service. 

The problem is that after a time the Generic service is faulted and switched to the node 2. The resource brings online in node 2 and after few time it faults again.


The logs show the following: Agent is calling clean for resource because the resource became offilne unexpectly on its own...



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Hi Achebib, On one of the

Hi Achebib,

On one of the servers where the resource has faulted check the engine_A.txt and the GenericService_A.txt logs to determine exactly when the resource faulted.  Then take that time and go to the Event logs to see if there is an entry from Service Console Manager stating that the servcie in question entered a stop state.  The Service Control Manager message should happen prior to the time that the cluster resource faulted.  Up to a minute early.  If this entry is there, then you need to troubleshoot the service to see why it is stopping outside of VCS control.

You can also try to start the service outside of VCS (stop VCS first) and see if the service stays running.

VCS also has some tunables to help restart the service or tolerate the service not probing as online for a number of monitor cycles.  I'm not recommending them at this time because it sounds like the service is having some issues where it is not able to stay running on its own.

Thank you,