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Resolved! Start custom Ressource as admin?

Hi Ive made a custom ressource with a script. This Script trigger another script which needs Runas Admin rights. The Cluster cannot not start the second script as admin how can i manage this? I dont want to deactivate the UAC on the Server. Environm...

Sigi by Level 4
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Resolved! Assistance required to understand the SFHA updates

Environment SFHA version =  5.0 Windows =  2003 with SP2 SFHA patch = RP2 installed (before RP2 i have RP1a installed)   I surf the to know what is the latest update for SFHA5.0 and i found the below updates: See the three snaps be...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! SCSI-3 or not to SCSI-3 ?!?

Hi, I am about to setup a new 3 node cluster, using Storage Foundation for Windows HA (SFW HA version 5.1 SP2 downloaded). This Cluster is going to be a 3 Node Netbackup Masterserver (NBU 7.1 FA) In the documentation I find remarks over using SCSI-3 ...

Resolved! Using SFHA on Windows, under VMware

We are considering options for clustering Windows (2k3R2, 2k8R2, X64) nodes that are actually VMware VMs (ESX 4.1).  Is there documentation that describes setting this up, and what limitations might exist?  For example, does using cluster effectively...

Gornak by Not applicable
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Resolved! VEA GUI Fails to Start 5.1 SP2

Hi,   We recently upgraded one of our file server clusters up to SFHA 5.1 SP2 (from SP1) and after the install we had no problems starting the VEA GUI. 2 Weeks later when the SAN admin wanted to add more storage to that server they noticed that the V...

Resolved! Cannot mount MountV Resources after Upgrade

Hi Today i upgraded our Test-environment from 5.1 SP1 to SP2. All went smothly through the installation process, but after the reboot, the eventlog is full of this messages and i cannot start the mountV resources: MountV:LAB_DATA4:monitor:CheckFSAcce...

Sigi by Level 4
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Resolved! Replication Network stuck at "Activating"

I just had to recreate a replication set for an EV cluster (GCO only, no local HA) on SFHA/Win. I used the "Setup RDS" wizard and it created the primary without error and then the secondary. Now the secondary is sitting in "Activating" status and doe...

Resolved! High CPU with VXPAL on WIndows 2008

HI   Anyone seen high cpu usuage on vxpal (vxvm) when moving or splitting subdisks it takes like 10 minutes for the vxpal.exe to stop throttling at startup as well as any disk moves I have 5.1 SP2 installed on a windows 2008 32 bit version there are ...

rpwalsh by Not applicable
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Resolved! Event Id 113 Source: VXIO

I am getting the following error message in Windows server:can any one look at the issue and tell us the resolution.   12/15/10 03:14:44 AM LogName=System SourceName=vxio EventCode=113 EventType=1 Type=Error ComputerName=SDCVCSSQL017ND2 Cate...