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Resolved! Event Id 113 Source: VXIO

I am getting the following error message in Windows server:can any one look at the issue and tell us the resolution.   12/15/10 03:14:44 AM LogName=System SourceName=vxio EventCode=113 EventType=1 Type=Error ComputerName=SDCVCSSQL017ND2 Cate...

Resolved! W2K8R2 with VSF5.1SP2 - NFS resource error

When installing on Windows Server 2008 R2 MCS the vxres.dll resource, one can: install a FileServer resource groupshare CIFS/SMB using the dynamic disk group as a dependency   so far so good   If you try however to make a NFS share, it uses a callba...

Fdumarey by Not applicable
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Resolved! Error v-52410-49479-150 running DR Wizard?

EDIT: This error number appears to be generic for the DRCW, as I figured out the DCM error and am now getting an issue with creating secondary RVGs. <sigh> I've encountered this error which doesn't seem to be documented anywhere. I'm trying to re-run...

Resolved! Bluescreen from vxio.sys

Hello,   we have a Win2008R2 Microsoft Cluster with Storage Foundation 5.1 and the cluster Option. Tonight one of the Cluster nodes restart with Bluescreen. My debugger said: Probably caused by : vxio.sys ( vxio+56ba ). -> I have attached the Minidum...

Resolved! Event ID's

Hi There, Could anyone supply a comprehensive list of the Event ID's (ID no and description) Storage Foundation 5.1 places into the windows event log? Administrators guide is a little vague on this. Many thanks, Stephen

Resolved! Maximum Number of Disks in Disk Group

What is the maximum number of disks in a disk group for SFW 5.1 in a Windows 2008 Cluster?  We ran into a situation where a high number of luns >100 will have slow failover times.  The same number of luns in 2003 cluster does not have that same probl...

Resolved! VCS on VMWare?

All, I'm in the process of doing some testing in our lab. Due to hardware limitations (labs are always the last to get updated hardware...) I have to run my Windows 2008 64bit systems on VM's using VMWare 3.5. I've got SFHA 5.1 SP1 successfully insta...

Resolved! SFW 5.1 & VMWare

Hello all,   we are using SFW 5.1 SP1 with VM (running Win2K3 SP2 R2) supported by ESX3.5U5. These VM are clustered and share disks are RDM mirrored (using SFW) disk. their system disks are mirrored also (still using SFW) but stored as vmdk (datastor...

Resolved! DB2 with SFW comaptibility

Hi guys, I have a scenario where the customer is running DB2 on Windows platform and we need to replicate the DB2 data volumes to the DR site server. We will be using SFW with VVR option for doing this. But i am having a doubt whether this will work ...

Majid by Level 5
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Resolved! Dynamic mirrored quorum in campus cluster

Scenario: Customer wants to create 2-node Microsoft Cluster in a campus cluster setup: Array1 at building A and Array2 at building B with all volumes mirrored across arrays. My problem is with this section in the Admin Guide: "It is strongly recommen...

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! SFWHA 5.1 SP1 and SCSI-3 PGR

I'm trying to determine if when using a 3rd-party DSM does VCS still support SCSI-3 PGR? When using a DMP DSM then SCSI-3 PGR is supported, but does this carry over when using a 3rd party DSM, in particular, the IBM SDD DSM?   Thanks...Mark

Mark_1 by Level 2
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Resolved! SFW HA and Fencing

dear all,   I would like to know if io fencing disk-based and server-based exist on SFWHA 5.1 ? I cannot find any information about it in the different guides. thanks, Hervé

Resolved! can we use SFW in Windows storage server 2008?

we have 2 node windows storage server 2008 to offering ISCSI  for vmware ESX the 2 node only have local disks installed. .but the windows storage server dont have the method to replicate data between 2nodes ,i want to use SFW to mirror the NODE1 loca...

xxqcpj by Not applicable
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