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Storage Foundation for Windows

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Resolved! VxVM/VCS on Windows

Hi, I want to know if VxVM (CVM) / VCS on windows just supports HA or active-active as well? By active-active I mean all nodes in the windows cluster accessing shared luns concurrently/simultaneously (accessing same region on a disk in serialized f...

sunillp by Level 3
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Resolved! Format Status in VEA?

Dear all,  does anybody know how I can see (in the VEA) what the actual status (%) is of an format-operation?  I only found "Cancel Format" in the menu. And in the Volume-View is only a "Healthy, Formatting" in the Status-Field. Same as in the Poper...

unex by Level 3
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Unable to create single RDS

Hello, Time ago, my replication was running, Then for some reasons I have dleeted the RDS form GUI now trying to recreate it. Problem is when I tried to create RDS while adding the secondary it giives error that "Either no disk is avalable on your ...

Ryan_H_ by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Installing Veritas Cluster

Dear all we are in the process of installing veritas cluster and storage foundation and we have Netapp Storage,do we need shared LUN to install Veritas Cluster?.Right now im trying to connect LUN and there are two options one is dedicated and anoth...

Resolved! Can I use the Mirror Disk for MS-Cluster?

Dear All My Environment is MS-Windows 2003 Ent 32bit + Storage Foundation 5.0 Local Disk for C: 50GB Local Disk for D: 86GB LUN SAN #1 = 300GB LUN SAN #2 = 300GB I use Storage Foundation 5.0 to create the mirror disk (LUN SAN #1 and #2) It's workin...

piyaboot by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! SF 5.1 SP1 - Can't install AP1

We have a Win2008 R2 Windows Cluster with Storage Foundation 5.1 SP1. Now we would like to install the new AP1, but we get an error. Through the installation when the program searched the server, the program got the server, but with unknow OS. When y...

Resolved! Primary server hangs with replication operations...

Hello, I have SF 5.1 w/ SP1 installed on win 2008 w/ VVR option, (2 nodes, primary and secondary).  My replication had been working fine for last few days but for last week end I am facing an issue with my primary server. Whenever I tries to pause ...

Ryan_H_ by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! VSF 4.3 upgrade to MP2 help

Hi everyone, I am very new to Veritas Storage Foundation and I need your assistance greatly. We have 2 nodes windows 2003 Ent. cluster with Veritas Storage Foundation ver 4.3.1000.350 (from "about server" menu) installed. There is "Paths" tab when v...

DJTan by Level 2
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can’t add disk to dynamic group

Dear all, I have installed VSF with MSCS and VVR option with the purpose to replicate my MSSQL 2008 (on win 2008 64bit cluster nodes) to a remote location. My issue is that from inside the Veritas enterprise Administrator console,   I can’t add the ...

ikoukoul by Not applicable
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Takeover Process

Hello, I have SF 5.1 with SP1 installed on windows server 2003. My primary server goes down and I make my secondary as a primary with Takeover option with fast failsyn option enabled. After that My original primary comes up and it is showing under...

Ryan_H_ by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Software RAID6 ?

Everyone, I am running Storage Foundation For Windows 5.1 SP1 on Windows Server 2008.  I would like to create a software RAID6 array with two hot spares.  Is this possible?  I have researched and only found references to RAID5 in the manuals.  I ha...