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Storage Foundation for Windows

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4 nodes HA setup possible ?

Hi Gurus,                      Herewith I come across one more query regarding HA setup in windows / solaris platform. Is it possible to make HA setup with 4 nodes ? This is how my setup should looks like Server A (in primary ) --- Server A1 (in seco...

Resolved! Volume Manager 5.1 for Windows

Hi, would like to know how can I preserve the data if I am to 'Initialize' a LUNs. I have an external array which I have used the hardware Raid of the array to RAID the external disks as RAID5. I am now need to fresh install of the Volume Manager ver...

Mikerson by Level 2
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Troubles with Lanman on Fileshare

Hi there ok i have some Troubles since i made the upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 The resource lanman  for a file share fails all the time, but the fileshare is working fine. First question: do i need the lanman resource for a fileshare? In the template the...

Sigi by Level 4
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SFW with DMP and NetApp FAS

Hi, We're using SFW on systems with FC attachment (SAN) to EMC and NetApp storages, in the initial testing phase we had both storages appear with Active/Active balancing policies but after upgrade to 5.1(from 5.0) all NetApp's devices shows up with F...

vztech by Not applicable
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Resolved! Storage Foundation Windows

In a  VxVM striped volume VEA displayes subdisks details and column number. GUI output is attached. Is there any command line utility available to find out the column number of the given subdisk and volume. ?

Anbu by Level 3
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SF windows mirror volume creation

On Windows  5.0 MP3 I am seeing this behaviour. I have created a volume v1 with mirror,log type.  It creates 3 plexes for volume v1. My understanding is that it should create only 2 plexes. If I don't give the log flag means it creates only volum...

Anbu by Level 3
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VEA Storage issue

HI I have scenario of windows box SFW 5.0 is installed and configured. Now we generally get a request to expand volumes. Storage team masks some luns for expansion, after the do that we run command syminq/ inq to get the lun information from the OS e...

Problem with restoring Exchange from snapshot

Hi! I ran into problem when I try to restore Exchange 2003 from snapshot. Exchange is on Veritas Storage Foundation 4.3 two node cluster and we are creating every day snapshot backup with vxsnap tool. Unfortunately last night I try to restore Exchan...

Tomislav by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Snapback resync fails on 50%

We are testing snapshot backups (using NetBackup) in a new environment (working fine in other installations). Snapstart was done on volume, waited for sync to complete and backup started. Backup process does the snapshot and mount of snapvol. Backup ...

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Failed providers in VEA

Hello, We are having  a problem with some failed storage providers in VEA stopping our cluster failover working correctly. The 2 failed providers are VDSPROV and DDLPROV and are shown by going here in VEA - Load VEA | Localhost | Properties | cho...

Resolved! Extend system/boot voume

I'm unable to extend my system/boot volume using SF 5. Presumably due to the original disk being basic then converted etc. Is there another product that can accomplish this or a workaround? Thanks, Pedro Environment: Dell PERC 4/SC array 204GB RAI...