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Storage Foundation for Windows

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Windows Gui Permissions

Hi all, I'm new to the forums, so please let me know any other information that is normally helpfull.   I have recently been on site to a customer to install SFWHA 6.0.1 on a Windows 2008 R2 server. However, after completing the installation and g...

niclab by Not applicable
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Resolved! Firewall port requirement for VVR and GCO

Here I  have the list of firewall port requirement for GCO we are using 4 IP's at one site and each of the will be from same subnet . physical IP- ...

Jomy by Level 5
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VVR Block Pending Status

Hi, Professional I would like to get the answer and solution with this detail. My customer using VVR 3.3 on windows 2003 and all service all fine but there are lag of blocks change between primary and second but I'm new in this product and I have n...

Resolved! SFW Feature Support

I am desperately trying to find the Windows equivalent of this Unix/Linux feature matrix:  What I have done thus far to find this info: Contacted some Connect friends privatelyDownloa...

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Windows 2012 and licensing

How does licensing work now that Windows 2012 “Enterprise” does not exist? We recently migrated from Win 2003 “Enterprise” and Storage Foundation HA V5.1  to Windows 2012 “Standard” and Storage Foundation HA v6.0.2. I reused the Enterprise license ...

Disk group not imported

SFHA 5.1 SP2 , Win2008 64-bit, with sql2008 and  disaster recovery configuration with global cluster manager The point is that due to unknown disk error during evacuating a cluster disk, a cluster disk group in the recovery site cannot be imported b...

ChrisKar by Level 3
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How to get Volume information?

Hi all, We are in the proces of fully automating extending a volume. I need some information on which commands to do this with. To extend the correct disks I need the SerialNumbers of those disks so Storage management knows which luns to extend in...

eu22106 by Level 4
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Can we schedule snapshot and snapback

Environment OS = Windows2008 (R2) SFHA = 6x Replication nodes One(Primary Site) to One(DR Site) Application installed on replication volume = Oracle 10G Query We need to establish replication between two nodes which is not problem. At DR site we have...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! SFHA - Windows with VMware shared vmdk disk

IHACr who wants to Implement a Windows SFHA Cluster with a shared vmdk disk. They have procured the SFHA Windows license. The Cluster nodes/VM's will be hosted on seperate ESX hosts. Few questions: a) Is this configuration (shared vmdk) supported in ...

Denis_Kattith2 by Level 3
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Data encryption

We using encryption on the file server, and planning to install Symantec Storage Foundation. It does not support Bitlocker. What solutions are offered or supported for data encryption on servers with Symantec Storage Foundation? Thanks.

Storage Foundation vs VMWare and RDM's

Hi We need to share a disk between a physical server and a Virtual server. My Proposed solution - use Storage Foundation to share the RDM disk between the physical and virtual server. However our VMware team are completely against using RDM's. They s...