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can’t add disk to dynamic group

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Dear all,
I have installed VSF with MSCS and VVR option with the purpose to replicate my MSSQL 2008 (on win 2008 64bit cluster nodes) to a remote location.
My issue is that from inside the Veritas enterprise Administrator console,   I can’t add the cluster data disk to a dynamic group. Both the Quarum and the MsDTC disks are available for selection as members  to  a dynamic group but the data disk is not, the new dynamic disk group is unavailable for that disk.
Please advice

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Is this a newly built cluster or an existing production cluster where Storage Foundation was added afterwards and you now need to convert basic disk to Dynamic disk?  It might not be possible to convert the Basic Disk, as the disk group needs to be a Cluster Disk group when working with clusters.

If this is a new cluster, try to start from scratch - i.e. add Storage Foundation at the 'foundation' and follow the steps in the Admin Guide on how to add a Dynamic Cluster Disk Group. This is described in Chapter 13 of the SF 5.1 Admin Guide . p. 513:

Microsoft Clustering support
This chapter includes the following topics:
■ Overview
■ How SFW works with Microsoft Clustering
■ Create a cluster dynamic disk group
■ Display cluster disk group resource properties
■ Create a dynamic mirrored quorum resource
■ Microsoft Clustering quorum arbitration time settings
■ Additional considerations for SFW Microsoft Clustering support

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In Server 2008  you need configure majority node quorum. And you should check this link this will assist you, and i believe you no need to re configure cluster from scratch. 

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Hi Ioannis,

Can you please provide some more details?  It sounds like you want to add a physical disk to a VMDg that already has data on it and is used in the cluster.  Is the physical disk already controlled by the cluster? 

Can you please send in the output of 'vxdisk list' command and explain what disk you are trying to add to which disk group?


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HI Ioannis,

Did you also see the thread from Ryan H. a few days ago?

He has a similar issue that was related to the use of an extended partition on the disk he was trying to add to the disk group.