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Apache monitor in Linux RHEL 6.2 with SF 5.1SP1

Upgrading Linux RHEL 6.1 - using sfha-rhel6_x86_64-5.1SP1PR2RP2  on a VCS cluster, has a problem with the Apache monitor script, I checked in the bundled agents guide for a debug mode.  The Apache mount point is a shared resource and started by VCS after the CreateMntPt has verified the mount point does not exist. The default value for the CreateMntPt is 0 but it seems that under VCS , the file system should not exist, therfore it should be set to 2.  The engine_A.log is reporting on both nodes about the filesystem does not exist, how do I change the monitor script to stop checking for the file system on both nodes at the same time?


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Hi Does the Mount resource go


Does the Mount resource go online ? Also is the Apache resource depndent on the Mount resource ?

Could you post the extract of the showing the Apache and Mount resources ?



Additionally can u also paste

Additionally can u also paste the agent defination from file ?



Hello, In addition to the


In addition to the above requested information can you please include the Error message reported in the logs which are under /var/VRTSvcs/log