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Best Way to Find Storage Foundation Consultant?

Level 4
We are having very subtle problems with Storage Foundation, specifically we make a mirror of a boot device but cannot boot from the mirror.   I need to identify an individual in the San Francisco Bay Area who is extremely well versed in Wintel hardware, storage systems, Windows, and Storage Foundation.   What is the best way to find a consultant with this specialization?    We would likely use the consultant maybe 80 hours over the course of a year.

Level 6

Hi, I notice that you haven't got any suggestions on this. My recommendations are a bit broad, but hopefully will point in a useful direction.

Symantec has a consulting group that works in Storage Foundation, but they may focus more on project-level migrations and optimizations. You can find out more about the services at:


You might also want to post some additional details in your post on this forum, and add specific info to the heading along the lines of "Job Posting: Part-time/Occasional..."

Hope this helps,

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