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Cannot Boot Mirrored Device

Level 4
On Storage Foundation 5.0 for Windows 2003 64-bit, we have created a bootable C: volume on a dynamic drive and then mirrored this over to another dynamic drive.   When we switch the order of the boot controllers, the drive containing the mirror of C: refuses to boot giving an "error loading operating system" during the initial attempts to access the drive.
Would such an error indicate that the boot.ini is pointing to the wrong relative partition on the disk, or would it more likely be geometry problems with the disk itself?  My boot.ini is pointing to:
That seems to be the correct location for the boot partition for either dynamic drive that is in the mirror.
How do I correct this problem?

Level 3
Employee Accredited
From what I understand, the source of the "Error Loading Operating System" error message  is the Master Boot Record. An error was returned from the BIOS when the boot loader attempted to read the active partition's boot sector into memory.  In many cases, this will be due to a "soft" Error Correcting Code (ECC) error, and can be repaired by rewriting the boot sector.