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Contact to get again Veritas software - version 5.0 MP4



In 2012 due to site accessing problem we have downloaded the Veritas software with temporary S/N provided by Symantec. Now we need to download again for a server re-instalaltion. Could you help where or how can we contact to get the software again?

At this moment we have from archived data below information:

- E-mail from Symantect with temporary S/N

- Product key

- SO number

p.s. We have contacted our Logisitcs channel but it is taking time due to New Year holiday.


Thanks with regards,


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I have not heard of a

I have not heard of a temporary serial number, so if you have a serial number with the licence you have bought and you mean you have a temporary licence key, then you should be able to enter serial number at mysymantec in the licence portal and if the serial number is for 5.0, then this should allow you to download the software.


Hello, Thanks for your


Thanks for your comment. We have permanent product key. Anyway, we have contacted Symantec and got another temporary S/N for downloading software again.