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Detect more space on existing LUN


I am using Veritas Foundation 6.1 on SLES.

We have a LUN aleady in a diskgroup with a volume.

SAN have increased the LUN from 200GB to 300GB.

How can we get Veritas to see the additional 100GB?


Tried "vxdg free" but this just shows the existing size not the new size

Tried rescanning scsi paths but no changes.

Tried "vxdisk list LUN_NAME" but that gives old size.





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Re: Detect more space on existing LUN


You need to execute a "vxdisk resize" in order to get VxVm recognize the new space




Re: Detect more space on existing LUN

Thanks for the Update Gaurav, seems we were doing the correct thing, but since opening a case on this with Veritas, we apparently need to Force the increase with the -f option.

We are currently awaiting the downtime to attempt the steps.

I will try an remember to come back with the information as to the success.