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Encapsulation issue on VxVM6.1


We are running  Solaris  X 86 and added to virtual disk and trying to mirror the  root disk, but getting this error message.



Continue with encapsulation? [y,n,q,?]  (default: y)
  A new disk group rootdg will be created and the disk device c0t1d0 will
  be encapsulated and added to the disk group with the disk name rootdg01.

  VxVM  ERROR V-5-2-5711
The encapsulation operation failed with the following error:

    VxVM vxencap ERROR V-5-2-310 The c0t1d0 disk does not appear to be prepared for this system.

Hit RETURN to continue.

Encapsulate other disks? [y,n,q,?]  (default: n)


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Re: Encapsulation issue on VxVM6.1



  We need more information to troubleshooting this. Like check the disk information.

  first , you can check if enclosure naming  has set ?and persistence should set to yes.



 # vxddladm get namingscheme
Enclosure Based     Yes            Yes            Yes            

 # vxddladm set namingscheme=ebn persistence=yes