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Enhancement suggestion for Storage Foundation

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I work in IAG Unix support in Sydney, Australia.

Volume Manager commands run by users are logged in the cmdlog* files.

It would help supportablity if VxFS file system commands such as fsck and fsadm were also logged in text files. That way, when customers run "fsck -y" and then wonder why many of there files have "disappeared" we can tell them to look in the "lost+found" directory.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ian Wynne





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Hi Ian,

Good suggesstion though if I think through this, VxVM has a dedicated daemon to interact (which is vxconfigd) to log all the commands passing through it, this makes it easy to create a cmdlog. However there is no such dedicated daemon for vxfs rather its controlled with kernel modules which would directly take function calls. Most of the FS related commands will interact with metadeta of filesystem & not on any such device.

About commands like "fsck" & all, you can have auditing enabled at OS layer which can log all the commands ran by root user. Or you can have hardered ssh/sudo configurations (typically sudo pbrun) controlls for user which will get logged.

Still if you want to put this across to developers, I would suggest you post this in "Ideas" section of the community so that one of developers can answer.



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In all honesty, any user with root permission (or sufficient sudo access) should attend a basic Unix training course as well as Sysadmin training.

I remember learning about 'fsck -y' in my very first Unix sysadmin training....

But yes, as per Gaurav's suggestion: Use the Ideas section to request enhancements.

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@Marianne - you'll be surprised at the number of people who run 'fsck' without knowing what they're actually doing.

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Agree with that, seems  vxfs   commands not logged  . We can think about log more information in hist log ,fmt log  in the file system.