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Error copying file or folder

Level 3

I have installed and configured SE 5.3 on my test system and have currently the following problem:

1. I have created a new file blocking policy for Office Files and configured also user notification with the content "office files can not be saved on the server"

2. Created a new managed ressource for the test_department folder, assigned a file blocking policy for Office Files.

3. now i'm testing with a client pc and get the notification and additionally an error message when i try to save the *.doc file to the test_department folder. Firstly i get the notification "office files can not be saved on the server" followed by the error message cannot copy : The filename, directory name or volume syntax is incorrect.

Why i get the second error notification? I have configured only notification with the content "office files can not be saved on the server".
How can i disable it??

Many Thanks in advance for your help!


Level 4
Hi Christof:

The 2nd error msg is from the OS and as far as I know can't be disabled since there is no generic File blocking msg in Windows, Storage Exec uses this msg to alert the user. I don't if you seen the error msg but you get a similar thing with Quota msgs where you would get the alarm action notification (net send) and then the OS msg not enough space is available... (sorry I don't remember the exact msg).

The product is working as designed, the error msg is a backup to when messenger service is disabled on the machine...