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Error with Veritas Action Agent on w2008 x64

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Windows 2008 STD x64 (fresh installed)  + SFW 5.1 (fresh installed)

Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) starts, but can not connect to server (Connection to server is broken)

look service launched: Veritas Action Agent service is not running. Try to run as described in the article (Document ID: 297398 "How to restart StorageAgent if it is not running" )

see the error in the event viewer:
- ERROR ID: 7031     Veritas Storage Agent service terminated unexpectedly. This occurred 1 time (s). The following corrective action will be taken through 60000 milliseconds: Restart the service.
-  Application popup ID:26 (At the same time as the previous error)
Program: ...iles (x86)\Veritas\VRTSobc\pal33\bin\vxpal.exe
A buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the program's
internal state.  The program cannot safely continue execution and must
now be terminated.

I tried to reinstall SFW. Was exactly the same result.
I tried it on a virtual machine to simulate this issue. was exactly the same result on w2008 x64 configuration. but the configuration w2003r2 x64 works perfectly.

any idea?

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Windows x32 has this problem too. I installed SFW 5.1 and VEA localy (or anoter station) can't connect to server. First error: connection broken, next 1067 need restart vxvm and vxob.
do you find solve this?

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unfortunately I have no idea about the solution to this problem and just do not know how debug.

if there is an idea or decision, then I will be happy to learn.



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I had to open a support case with Symantic to get the fix, but it looks like it is an issue with the MPIO drivers for Veritas.  Once I installed the following it worked fine:

The faulting module is mpioprov.dll. If you are using Veritas Multipathing and have not installed the DDI-2
package please do so as it contains an updated the mpioprov.dll

The DDI-2 package can be downloaded from:
Device Driver Installation Package 2.1 (DDI-2.1) for Veritas Storage Foundation (tm) 5.1 for Windows (SFW)