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We have a vxfs file system for oracle using cdsdisk. I have expanded the file system but forgot format it to cdsdisk. Now the format is sliced, see below:


tagmastore-usp1_2425 auto:cdsdisk    lmsora-dg06  lmsora-dg    online
tagmastore-usp1_2429 auto:sliced     lmsora-dg06a  lmsora-dg    online


Is it possible to make it to cdsdisk online (i.e. without shutting down oracle)?

OS: Solaris 10

Veritas Volume Manager: 5.0

Thanks for any pointer in advance.


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No, in fact you can't convert at all from sliced to cds - you have to delete and recreate.  So if you want to keep Oracle online, you could add a new disk in cds format, mirror Oracle volumes to that disk and then remove mirror on sliced disks and remove this disk.

I don't know how you manged to have a diskgroup with 2 different format disks as I didn't think this was possible.


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Not sure possible to perform the following?

- Check whether the LUN (lmsora-dg06a) has data written. If no data is resided in the LUN (lmsora-dg06a), remove the LUN from the file system and re-inititailise the LUN with cdsdisk. Add the LUN back to the disk group.

If the above is possible, could you advice how to go about it?


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I would suggest best option would be to get an additional disk of same size as of sliced disk ...

Add this extra disk into the DG (ofcourse as CDS disk), mirror the volume & then remove the plex from the sliced disk . . once done, you can destroy the sliced disk ...

If you don't have additional disk, then see if you have any space to add mirror from first disk i.e lmsora-dg06.. you can check this by "vxdg -g <dg> free"

If this option is also not there, then backup --> delete --> recreate using cdsdisk --> restore from backup"

To answer your query, if the volume using lmsora-dg06a then you need to go to inode level to find whether data is written or no. .. if the disk is used in volume, for sure there would be some data written to it ... so won't be good take to move ahead ...