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HP UX 11.31 recieving error V-5-1-10978

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Hello all, I have researched to the end of internet trying to find exact error:

VxVM vxdg ERROR V-5-1-10978 Disk group dg01rdbmsCRMp: import failed:

Disk is sharable, operation not supported 



 Server model (model): ia64 hp Integrity BL870c i2

 Operating system (uname -a): HP-UX crmpbs03 B.11.31 U ia64 1017400452 unlimited-user license

 Product: VxVM 5.0.1 


 Problem description/symptoms/errors:

This very early morning a cloning procedure (based on BCV) used every day by the customer failed.

The customer has identified the failed command on the system crmpbs03 (belonging to a two nodes CFS cluster):


vxdg -o useclonedev=on -o updateid -tfC import dg01rdbmsCRMp


Since this command is in a script, the customer does not have the error message but only the return code equal to "5". 

Then the customer rebooted the system but the command failed again at 1:26  05/01/2012.

Then, after a second reboot, the procedure worked fine. 


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moved to new discussion under Storage Foundation as this is an entirely separate problem/issue.

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One simple question, when you say its a CFS cluster:

1. Is diskgroup already imported on some node via CFS cluster ? because what I understand is diskgroup is getting imported by a script using the above mentioned command however during the time when it is getting imported, what is the status of CFS cluster or CVM group or data groups at that time ?

2. If the diskgroup is not imported, why not trying importing diskgroup with "-s" (shared) option, thats what the error seems to be about. Is it mandated somewhere that diskgroup must be imported as shared ?

Though any shared diskgroup can be imported locally as well, but worth a try to import it as shared. (vxdg -s)