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How to import the cloned disks in veritas ?

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In my client IT environment, we always need to data freshing and we do the import of cloned LUNs from on server.We do the followiing steps in that process.


1. Reconfigure powerpath for emc storage and map LUNs in Solaris.

2. Scan disks in veritas using "vxdctl enable"

3. List deported DG using "vxdisk -o alldgs list"

4. Impor the DGs using "vxdg -n datadg import newdg"


I feel the above steps are fine, however many times we face very difficulty during import of DG. Can you please let me know the correct steps or command options to use ?


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Level 4

What version of vxvm are you running? what is version of disk group.


For SF5, with dg version of 140,  you can import dg with option "-o useclonedev=on".