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How to install SF cluster in VMs


I have a Sun fire X4150 servers with 2 physical disks, I want to install and configure veritus cluster HA inside the VMs. Can you please help me out how to install and configure the SF cluster in VMs. However I don’t have the external storage also. Can I use the USB drive for it.These are the resources which i have..

  1. One Sun Fire X4150 with 2 disks (16GB memory,140GB HDD)
  2. For virtualization VMware ESXI 4.1 Software
  3. Solaris 10.8 X86 (64 bit) OS
  4. Trail version of VRTS_SF_HA_Solutions_5.1_Solaris_x64  software..


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All the guides for vmware ESX

All the guides for vmware ESX are available on


See here


check for release notes first to confirm you are meeting all the system requirements...



Next check out VCS implementation guide, it will guide you through step by step process..



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Hello Santanu, Install and configuration should be identical as you normally do on a original box. You may refer to the bellow mentioned install guide for SFHA 5.1: You may configure OpenFiler on the host machin for storage and create partitions and populate that into network and you can then configure your vm's recognize those devices. You have to do little bit of research on OpenFiler bit and configure the same. With 5.1 version you will be able to enjoy keyless feature. Instal Veritas Operation Manager as well to manage the same. Keep the following link handy for any SF documentation: Do not forget to keep both the VM's on the same VLAN and IPs should belong to the same subnet. Good luck. Regards, Dev