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How to mirror the mirror disk to root disk

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Hi All,

Here's the scenario.

I bootup the mirror disk as the boot device. Now I want to re-mirror the mirror disk to root disk because the root disk had a problem during installation of patch.

Kindly provide a procedure we want to re-mirror the mirror disk to rootdisk (still a existing root disk it is not empty).


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In what state are the plexes currently?

Please post output of 'vxprint -ht'.

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Hi Rick,

Along with the aofrementioned details as requested by Marianne, could you please also provide the following command's output:

vxdisk -o alldgs -e list

mount -v



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# vxprint -htqg rootdg


dg rootdg       default      default  14000    1164209967.12.bgw


dm rootdisk     c0t0d0s2     auto     20351    143328960 -
dm rootmirror   c0t1d0s2     auto     20351    143328960 -


pl rootvol-02   -            DISABLED -        126955776 CONCAT   -        RW
sd rootmirror-02 rootvol-02  rootmirror 16373184 126955776 0      c0t1d0   ENA


v  rootvol      -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   126955776 ROUND    -        root
pl rootvol-01   rootvol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   126955776 CONCAT   -        RW
sd rootdisk-02  rootvol-01   rootdisk 16373184 126955776 0        c0t0d0   ENA


v  swapvol      -            ENABLED  ACTIVE   16373184 ROUND     -        swap
pl swapvol-01   swapvol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   16373184 CONCAT    -        RW
sd rootdisk-01  swapvol-01   rootdisk 0        16373184 0         c0t0d0   ENA
pl swapvol-02   swapvol      ENABLED  ACTIVE   16373184 CONCAT    -        RW
sd rootmirror-01 swapvol-02  rootmirror 0      16373184 0         c0t1d0   ENA

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here's another output

#vxdisk -o alldgs list
DEVICE       TYPE            DISK                   GROUP        STATUS
c0t0d0s2     auto:sliced     rootdisk                rootdg       online
c0t1d0s2     auto:sliced     rootmirror              rootdg       online
c1t0d0s2     auto:sliced     ora1dgc1t0d0        ora1dg       online
c1t0d1s2     auto:sliced     bgw1dgc1t0d1       bgw1dg       online

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Hi All

         I want suppose to Do Storage Migration on Solaris Server. Here Veritas Volume manager is installed in Solaris.

Here Two EMC Disks are in Volume Control. I need to remove these two Disks, and Storage Team assign New Storage Luns. I want to Copy same data [volumes, diskgroups] present in EMC to New Storage XIV. How Can i Do for This, Can you please Explain and if possible can you please provide me any procedure for this....


Veritas Volume Manager---5.0