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Integrating SFRAC with Grid Infrastructure whilst ASM disk groups ARE NOT configured over CVM

 We have a client who had the following requirements:

  1. Implementing a two-node Oracle RAC on top of SFRAC 5.1.
  2. Presenting ASM disks directly to the system without using CVM volumes (Bare-metal). This is applicable for all ASM disk groups, including those housing OCR & Voting disks.
  3. At a future phase, we are going to introduce another datacenter and this RAC will have a standby (Global Cluster). Replication will be done thanks to SRDF, storage is EMC VMAX.

OCR and voting disk is configured on CVM raw volumes or CFS and managed by VCS, it is not possible to place ASM disk group as a dependency in So what I’ve done is that I placed the file system housing rdbms/grid binaries as cluster resource group. That mount point also depends on the public interface (there are two private interconnects but those were not set as resource groups, RAC uses the same cluster interconnects as SFRAC).

To complete the integration, questions now is on configuring the CSSD resource manually. Actually this could be done, based on my understanding of the software stack, by adding cssd to the same group I mentioned above (the mount point housing binaries), this resource will use the standard CSSD Start/Stop/Monitor/Clean available as /opt/VRTSvcs/rac/bin/cssd-XXX.

This should work, conceptually! I just need to make sure that this is solid enough to use for a global cluster setup.


Best regards,

Karim Alkhayer | Enterprise Architect