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Limit I/O on VxVM volumes

Level 3

Hi everybody,

I was looking for a solution to set limits for I/O usage on VxVM volumes, but couldn't find anything that fits my requirements. Maybe one of you can help me.

I'm running a HA-Cluster on RHEL 5 with iSCSI storage managed by VxVM. The iSCSI disks are seperated in to a few volumes. Each one is formated with VxFS an exported via NFS. Different customers (one per volume) mount and use the NFS exports.

Now, if one customer makes a lot of traffic an load on the storage there might remain too less ressources for the other customers. To make shure every customer has a specified minimum of I/O performance I would like to set I/O or bandwidth limits for each volume, but couldn't find any hint in the documentation to do so.

Any suggestions?