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Mirroring SYBASE raw devices using Volume Manager

Level 4
Hi Gurus,

We have VXVM 3.5, Sybase 12.0, Oracle 11i on Solaris 8.

Both the databases are using raw devices which are created using volume manager.

Now we want to mirror these volumes on another storage connected to the system.

Can i use volume manager to mirror the volumes and detach the original devices? What will be the performance impact on these databases while mirroing?

Is this supported or adviced on database devices?

Pls. help.

Best Regards

Level 6
Accredited Certified
What is the purpose of detacing the originals? Are you trying to migrate the volumes to another array? If so, mirror to space on the new array, when you are comfortable that the new mirrors are workign with no problem, drop the mirrors on the old array.